Trailer Mud Flap Retention System

Our innovative trailer mud flap retention system is easy to install and virtually eliminates mud flap loss. It’s the ideal way to ensure safe and legal operation while on the road.

Find a distributor for the trailer mud flap retention system you need. Download the TMF-RS Info Sheet to learn more.


Our trailer mud flap retention system features innovative spring steel mounting brackets, coupled with either our DirectFlex® mud flap hangers or our spring loaded mud flap hangers.


System Main Benefits

  • Installed and repaired with common hand tools
  • Repairs in the field or on the roadside are easier than ever

System Options

The BettsHD trailer mud flap retention system is available in two styles: Heavy Duty and Severe Duty Premium. The Heavy Duty option includes spring loaded mud flap hangers; the Severe Duty Premium option features our patented DirectFlex® mud flap hangers.
Three kit options are available for both styles:
  • Left-hand replacement or new installation
  • Right-hand replacement or new installation
  • Complete system retrofit