Bar Type Mud Flap Hangers

Mud flaps protect the underbed of a truck or trailer from corrosion. They also prevent road debris from kicking up from the road, which can damage your truck and other motor vehicles. Bar type mud flap hangers are metal accessories used to support mud flaps on semi-trucks and trailers. They feature a straight or angled metal bar with brackets to secure the mud flap in place.
Truck mud flap hangers not only keep mud flaps in place but ensure they hang at the proper height for compliance with state DOT regulations. It is important to select mud flap hangers that fit the size and shape of your mud flap. This will prevent issues with installation and help keep the mud flaps on your truck. Always double check measurements to make sure you select the right length and offset, and that you are using the correct mounting hardware.  

Durable Mud Flap Hangers for Trucks and Trailers

BettsHD manufactures a full line of durable, low maintenance, bar type mud flap hangers, making it easy to find the right option for your truck or trailer. We offer both straight and angled bar type mud flap hangers in rigid and coiled configurations. Our truck mud flap hangers are shot-peened and painted to ensure long life and are manufactured in the USA. We also offer a variety of other mud flap hanger options, as well as several conspicuity solutions for FMCSA and CSA compliance.
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Maintaining Compliance with State Mud Flap Regulations

To properly adjust your mud flaps, you need mud flap hangers. There are several options available including bar type mud flap hangers, spring loaded mud flap hangers, and trailer mud flap retention systems that are low maintenance and easy to adjust.  
There are no federal guidelines for mud flaps, but every state has regulations for which vehicles require mud flaps, the amount of coverage they must provide, and how far above the roadway you should mount the mud flaps. Mud flap regulations vary greatly from state to state, so it’s best to follow general guidelines and keep your mud flaps at no more than six inches from the ground.
Watch our training videos to learn more about installing mud flap hangers and retention systems on your truck or trailer.
Options include:
  • Straight Bar Type Mud Flap Hangers: Includes heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty bar type mud flap hangers in rigid and coiled configurations. Select from nominal lengths up to 32.750” and 0.0640” square, 0.0750” round, or 0.0750” square bar type.  
  • Angled Bar Type Mud Flap Hangers: Feature an angled end for trucks with short frames and sliding fifth wheels. Our heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty mud flap hangers come in nominal lengths up to 30.500”. Bar types include a 0.0640” or 0.0750” square bar or 0.0750” square bar with an anti-tear corner clip.
  • Bar Type Mud Flap Hanger POP Displays: Barrel-style POP displays for bar type mud flap hangers provide convenient storage and are ideal for displaying products in repair facilities and distributor showrooms. Options include barrels for displaying mud flap hangers and a pail or bucket for displaying mounting brackets and hardware.  
  • Mud Flap Mounting Hardware: We individually package mud flap mounting bolt kits for convenience and place them in a B516P pail for easy display. Each pail contains 50 kits, with each containing enough nuts, bolts and washers to mount one mud flap.
  • Mud Flap Mounting Brackets:  Our inventory of mud flap brackets includes left- and right-hand mounting brackets with vertical and horizontal mounting options. Select from a 0.640” or 0.750” inside dimension and mounting hole center up to 3.313”.

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Betts is a leading supplier of durable and reliable bar type mud flap hangers, spring loaded mud flap hangers, and accessories in the size and configuration you need. Contact us to learn more. Find a distributor for truck mud flap hangers or contact us to learn more.