Mud Flap Hangers

Mud flap hangers are accessories used to support mud flaps on semi-trucks, trailers and heavy-duty vehicles. Using mud flaps provides several benefits including protecting the frame and undercarriage from road salt, grime and other debris that causes rust and corrosion. In addition to protecting a trailer, they shield other vehicles from gravel, rocks and road spray that gets flung out from the rear of the vehicle, especially at high speeds.

Mud flap hangers are constructed of metal and are straight, tapered or have a 45-degree angle to fit different types of mud flaps. Some mud flap hangers also include lighting or reflective tape for conspicuity compliance. They are easy to install and maintain and are available in various styles to match the look of your vehicle.

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Using Semi Mud Flap Hangers for Compliance with State Regulations

All states have laws regulating the use of mud flaps on semi-trucks, trailers, and other commercial vehicles. California DOT mud flap requirements, for example, require all vehicles to be fitted with fenders, covers or mud flaps that cover the entire width of all tires. Requirements vary widely by state, but any failure to comply with the law results in fines or issues with the DOT. It is important to check state guidelines regularly, as requirements can change. Also keep in mind that there are federal regulations regarding the use of reflective conspicuity tape on mud flaps and other areas of your truck.  

Our Semi Truck Mud Flap Hangers Provide Reliable Mud Flap Retention

Mud flaps that are installed incorrectly or with inferior quality mud flap hangers are prone to falling off or being torn off by your truck tires. This causes downtime on the road to make repairs and the added expense of replacing a lost mud flap. To avoid potential issues, you need sturdy mud flaps and reliable, high-quality mud flap hangers to keep your mud flaps in place.
Back in 1954, we received the first-ever patent for a mud flap hanger, and we’ve been committed to developing mud flap installation standards for the heavy-duty trucking industry ever since. As part of the Betts Company family, our history of quality and innovation dates back to the 1860s. With an array of vibration resistant mud flap hanger styles available, we’re sure to have the right model for your truck or trailer. 

Heavy Duty Truck Mud Flap Hangers and Accessories

BettsHD offers a full line of mud flap hangers, from basic models to our maintenance-free DirectFlex system to deluxe lighted and spring-loaded options. All our vibration resistant mud flap hangers are 100% made in the USA.
  • Bar Type Mud Flap Hangers: We offer straight and angled bar types; both styles are available in rigid or coiled configurations. The best option for cost-conscious drivers.
  • Spring Loaded Mud Flap Hangers: Specially designed to resist corrosion and wear caused by debris. Straight and angled models are available in three lengths and two mounting stud spacing options. We also have a straight-tapered style with 2.5” mounting stud centers.  If you’re looking for a long-lasting mud flap hanger, spring-loaded is the way to go. See our product spec sheet for additional product details.
  • DirectFlex System Mud Flap Hangers: Looking for maintenance-free? Our DirectFlex mud flap kits are as low-maintenance as they come. With three mounting options, you can install them in whatever way works best for you.
  • Trailer Mud Flap Retention Systems: Designed for use with our DirectFlex® or spring-loaded semi mud flap hangers to prevent mud flap loss. They are available in three mounting kit options and install easily using standard hand tools.
  • Mud Flap Hanger Replacement Parts: Our OEM-approved replacement parts are perfect for repairs on the road. Choose from singe mounting brackets or mounting bracket kits that include all the components you need for mud flap hanger repair.
  • Conspicuity Solutions:  Failing to meet minimum conspicuity requirements is a 3-point violation and causes safety issues on the road. Our reflective tape is CSA-compliant and offered on rolls for semi-truck trailer application or in 2-piece aluminum band kits for use on semi-truck mud flap hangers.
See individual product listings for more information, specifications, or to request a quote.

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Betts provides heavy-duty truck mud flap hangers in various sizes and materials. We also offer mud flap retention systems for trailers. Find a distributor to purchase your mud flap hangers in person or contact us to place an order online.