Reflective Tape Rolls

Reflective conspicuity tape, or DOT reflective tape is manufactured from highly sophisticated prismatic sheeting that produces enhanced reflective qualities that allow heavy-duty tractor trailers to be more easily identified by other drivers. Reflective tape for trailers and trucks is manufactured with a pressure sensitive adhesive that allows the tape to bind to a wide range of surfaces, providing increased visibility and brightness when compared with standard reflective tape.
At BettsHD, our DOT approved conspicuity tape rolls provide increased reflectivity over standard reflective tape and are available in red and white, or standard white color options. We also offer our white or red white conspicuity tape with 3-, 5- or 10-year warranty options.
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Conspicuity Tape Roll Advantages 

BettsHD is proud to offer customers the convenience of bundling even more to mud flap hanger and fender orders. Tape products from BettsHD are compliant with DOT-C2, FMVSS-108, and NHTSA regulations.
Our reflective tape rolls are the perfect addition to our safety and spray suppression lines. Some of the direct benefits associated with our 2 inch reflective tape, include:
  • Prismatic reflective surfaces can be seen at longer distances and higher intensities than glass bead designs.
  • Low-profile, single layer design provides resistance to peeling or impact from debris during use
  • Polyester sheeting resists cracking over time even with a wide range of temperatures.

DOT Reflective Tape Requirements 

Semi trucks and trailers that travel across state highways, interstate freeways, county roads and city streets throughout the United States must meet certain guidelines when it comes to the application of conspicuity tape. If a driver fails to comply with reflective tape regulations, they can be subject to harsh penalties that include a 3-point violation under the 2010 FMCSA Compliance, Safety, and Accountability enforcement initiative and an impact on the carrier’s safety rating. Some of the conspicuity tape regulations for semi tractors and trailers include the following:
  • Tractors – The tractor body requires alternating red and white tape on the mudflap brackets and white reflective tape on the upper rear corners of the cab.
  • Trailers – The trailer portion of the rig must contain alternating red and white reflective tape on the sides, bottom of doors and the ICC bar; also, two pieces of white tape must be on each upper rear corner. 
At BettsHD, we can provide the reflective tape for tractors and trailers that you need to stay compliant on the road. Our red/white and white conspicuity tape meets all local, state and federal regulations and are available in 2” x 150’ rolls.

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