As an essential business, BettsHD is open for business during COVID-19

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BettsHD is Open for Business During the COVID-19 outbreak. We are Still Your #1 Source for Truck & Trailer Products

For those who are wondering, we are open for business. BettsHD is deemed an essential business by the Department of Homeland Security since we play a critical role in supporting our nation's transportation industry.

For over 150 years, Betts Company continues to Improve the Way Things Move. As a manufacturer and semi-truck parts distributor, our fundamental purpose is to make parts that help people and things get where they’re going easier, faster, and safer while providing superior value.

BettsHD, a division of Betts Company, is a heavy-duty truck parts wholesale distributor providing spray suppression and safety products for commercial trucks and trailers of all makes and models. Our products include quarter fenders, single-axle fenders, tandem, and half-tandem fenders, bar and spring-loaded mud flap hangers, conspicuity tape, and much more.

Quality Products from A Trusted Heavy-Duty Truck Parts Manufacturer

We take pride in providing quality commercial truck parts that improve productivity and safety. Betts works fleets, distributors, and dealers around North America to deliver products and services that meet the needs of the trucking industry.
With a track record spanning 150 years, we are committed to providing the ultimate in customer service. We provide industry-leading warranties on all our products and offer extended customer service hours for superior support.
Our trailer part distributors are located throughout the U.S. and Canada and offer a full range of mud flap hangers, fenders, and other heavy-duty truck parts. Use our interactive distributor tool to find a BettsHD semi-truck parts distributor near you!  

Semi-Truck Mud Flap Hangers and Accessories

Betts received its first patent for a mud flap hanger in 1954. Since then, we’ve become a well-known semi-truck mud flap hanger distributor providing durable and reliable parts for the heavy-duty trucking industry.
All our mud flap hangers are 100% made in our USA facility using the strictest standards for quality management. From basic mud flap hangers to maintenance-free mud fap retention systems and conspicuity tape, we offer a solution to meet all your trucking needs. Our line of mud flap mounting brackets includes:

Semi-Truck Fenders and Replacement Parts

We are a semi-truck fender manufacturer offering industry-standard and exclusive designs, as well as specialty fenders for trucks and trailers. BettsHD also provides installation kits, mounting bracket kits, and replacement parts for all our fenders. We can also create custom Total Installation Kits by request, which provide all the parts you need for a total fender installation.
Our fender material options include aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and poly to give trucks a sleek look while providing the durability and corrosion resistance needed for life on the road. Choose from a variety of partial and full semi-truck fender styles, including:

Custom Solutions and Services for the Commercial Trucking Industry

Being a heavy-duty truck parts wholesale distributor is only part of what we offer our valued customers.  We also provide custom manufacturing solutions for the transportation industry and provide several turnkey services, including design consultation, custom design, rapid prototyping, and finite element analysis.
Quality means everything to our team. BettsHD is certified to ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001 standards and follows the principles of project management outlined by the Project Management Institute.

Find a Betts HD Dealer in Your Area or Become A Semi-Truck Parts Distributor!

BettsHD products are sold through a nationwide network of trusted dealers.  Find a dealer in your area or get answers about any of our top-quality truck and trailer products. Please use this form for custom manufacturing inquiries.
Are you interested in becoming a dealer? Contact us today to learn more about our Class 8 truck products and the benefits of being a BettsHD semi-truck parts distributor.

We look forward to working with you to Improve the Way Things Move!