Trailer Mud Flap Retention System™

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BettsHD is Your #1 Source for Truck & Trailer Products

For 150 years (1868-2018), Betts Company continues to Improve the Way Things Move. Betts Company’s fundamental purpose is to make parts that help people and things get where they’re going easier, faster, and safer while providing superior value.

BettsHD, a division of Betts Company, is your reliable source for spray suppression and safety products for commercial trucks and trailers of all makes and models. BettsHD products include  quarter fenders, single-axle fenders, tandem and half-tandem fenders, bar and spring loaded mud flap hangers, conspicuity tape and much more.

We also offer custom manufacturing solutions for the transportation industry.

BettsHD products are sold through a nationwide network of trusted dealers. Contact us today to become a dealer, find a dealer in your area, or get answers about any of our top quality truck and trailer products. Please use this form for custom manufacturing inquiries.

We look forward to working with you to Improve the Way Things Move!

Betts Celebrates 150 Years and Six Generations of Family Business



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