About BettsHD

BettsHD is your #1 resource for high quality truck and trailer products. We are known coast to coast for helping O/Os and fleets stay safe and productive on the road. Drivers trust BettsHD to provide the best parts and components at the best prices.

More Than 150 Years of Excellence

Betts started in 1868, when a young English steel craftsman arrived in San Francisco and opened a shop that manufactured springs for streetcars, carriages, and wagons. In 150+ years since, the Betts Company has grown and expanded in many ways, and BettsHD is our specialized division for parts for heavy duty trucks and trailers. We hold numerous patents for our high performance designs.
Our fundamental purpose is to help people and things get where they’re going easier, faster, and safer. We strive to exceed expectations and provide quality, responsiveness, and innovation at a great value. With our long history of integrity and professionalism, we can guarantee customer satisfaction.

Premium Quality Parts for Heavy Duty Trucks & Trailers

BettsHD’s product offering is built on a foundation of improving safety and productivity for our customers and their vehicles. We take pride in offering the highest quality products at the best possible value. Our goal is to provide our customers—from single owner/operators to corporate fleets—with the products, services, and expertise they need to move vehicles, products, and people safely and productively.
Search our product inventory to find the parts and components you need. Request a quote on products for your truck, or contact us for more information.