Angled Bar Type Mud Flap Hangers

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Mud flap hanger damage caused by landing leg and trailer frame bracing entanglement during tight turns on uneven surfaces is a well known and common problem. Angled down hangers are a simple and effective solution in addressing many applications, and again BettsHD was first.
For ordering in bulk, see part number A35RLB40 and A35RLB80.
  • For Extra Heavy-Duty Version Use Part Number A81RL
  • Use Part Number RT35L or RT35R Conspicuity Strip
  • Use Part Number B516P Mud Flap Installation Kit
  • Direct Replacement for Fleet Engineers Part Number 034-00433
  • Durability: Heavy Duty
  • Bar Type: .640" Square Bar
  • Nominal Length: 27.500"
  • Offset: -
  • Handedness: Unhanded
  • Packaging: Bulk - Individual
  • Contents: -