Straight Bar Type Mud Flap Hangers

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If you have ever replaced a mud flap hanger you can bet you have installed one of these. For the price minded buyer, the BettsHD A25RL is the industry standard on virtually every truck manufactured in North America and without question the workhorse in the heavy-duty trucking world.
For bulk quantities, see part number A25RLB40 and A25RLB90.

  • Durability: Heavy Duty
  • Bar Type: .640" Square Bar
  • Nominal Length: 29.750"
  • Offset: -
  • Handedness: Unhanded
  • Packaging: Bulk - Individual
  • Contents: -
  • Direct Replacement for Fleet Engineers Part Number 034-00426
  • For Extra Heavy-Duty Version Use Part Number A82RL
  • Use Part Number B516P Mud Flap Installation Kit
  • Use Part Number RT25RL Conspicuity Strip