Truck Fender Total Installation Kits (TIK)

A few years ago, BettsHD launched a novel, but seemingly obvious, concept: the Total Installation Kit, or TIK. With these kits, one part number gets you everything you need for complete, start-to-finish truck fender installation. TIKs are available for any fender and bracket kit combination.
You'll find the eight most popular fender set-up kits here, but we will create Total Installation Kits that are tailored to your unique specifications. Customizable TIK options include:
  • Finish material
  • Style
  • Front bracket type
  • Center bracket type
  • Rear bracket type
  • Overall length
See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.
Find a distributor for a BettsHD truck fender Total Installation Kit (TIK), or contact us to discuss your custom requirements.