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BettsHD is pleased to offer our updated Popular Parts Guide for our customers, distributors, and dealers. With detailed listings of our best-selling truck mud flaps, fenders, splash guards, and accessories, our Popular Parts Guide is sure to have the truck and trailer parts you need.

Check out the BettsHD Popular Parts Guide, or view the product listings below for more information. If you can’t find the right truck parts or accessories, or are unsure of exactly what you need, please contact us today. We’re here to help!

Mud Flap Hangers: BettsHD manufactured the first-ever patented mud flap hanger back in 1954, and we’ve been selling durable, high quality mud flap brackets and hangers ever since. Whether you need bar type mud flap brackets, spring loaded mud flap hangers, or a DirectFlex mud flap system, BettsHD has you covered.

Mounting Brackets: Our one-piece, cast steel mounting brackets are rugged enough for even the most demanding applications. All BettsHD mounting brackets are built to OE standards, making it easy to find the right ones for your needs.

Conspicuity Solutions: BettsHD offers easy-to-install, CSA-compliant conspicuity solutions for your truck and trailer. We also offer standalone aluminum add-on conspicuity strips (straight and angled) and reflective conspicuity markers that are integrated into our spring loaded mud flap hangers. These products will help keep your fleet safe while on the road.

Fenders: As a full line fender manufacturer, BettsHD sells aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and poly fenders for trucks of all shapes and sizes. We offer both industry standard styles and specialty truck fenders to meet your unique needs.

Fender Mounting Bracket Kits: You can’t add fenders to your truck without mounting brackets! We offer high quality single- and four-bolt fender mounting brackets that connect directly to the truck frame for sturdy attachment and long service life.

Fender Total Installation Kits (TIK): Our innovative Total Installation Kits (TIK) include everything you need for a completely new truck fender setup. There’s a TIK available for any truck and any fender and bracket kit combination. A variety of available options makes it easy to find the perfect fender installation kit for your needs.

Hanger Replacement Parts & Fender Replacement Parts: At BettsHD, we believe genuine replacement parts should be readily available and easy to find. We offer fender replacement parts and mud flap hanger replacement parts to make repairs and maintenance easier and less stressful.

Safety Deck Plates: We offer both deck plates and mounting hardware for a complete safety deck solution. Our grates are available in lightweight aluminum and galvanized steel, and in a variety of lengths to fit your unique requirements.

Mud Flaps: BettsHD’s innovative ChannelFlap™ mud flaps have set a new standard in the industry. These heavy duty poly mud flaps are specially designed to fit our patented DirectFlex hangers. This combination provides a significantly stronger connection than other manufacturers mud flaps and hangers, for superior durability and reliability.

We are very excited to offer the new BettsHD Popular Parts Guide to our customers, distributors and dealers. With a detailed listing of our most widely ordered truck mudflaps, fenders, splash guards, and accessories, our Popular Parts Guide ensures you will find the truck and trailer parts you need.

The Popular Parts Guide is available to you instantly.

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