Stainless Steel Fenders

Stainless steel fenders help protect your truck and other vehicles from road salt, rocks, slush and grime that is kicked up by tires.  Stainless steel truck fenders are heavier than aluminum and are highly resistant to corrosion, heat and chemicals, and are less susceptible to dents and warping.  

Stainless Steel Tuck Fenders for Long-Lasting Durability on the Road

Betts HD offers stainless steel truck fenders in a range of sizes and styles that provide the durability and reliability you need in a truck component. Our stainless steel fenders are available in single axle, half tandem, full tandem and quarter fender options that fit wheels ranging from 16.5” to 24.5.”
Available styles include corrugated, 2-Rib, 3-Rib, 4-Rib and smooth options manufactured from Bright 430 16-guage or 18-guage stainless steel that gives your rig or trailer a sleek look without sacrificing reliability and performance.

Choosing Between Stainless Steel Fenders and Aluminum Fenders

The choice between stainless steel trailer fenders or aluminum fenders can be challenging as both options provide durability and corrosion resistance and provide long-lasting wear. Stainless steel fenders, however, are more resistant to denting and warping than aluminum. They are also more resistant to extreme temperatures and are easily welded should a fender ever need repair.
Stainless steel trailer fenders from Betts HD are offered individually or in pairs, depending on the fender type chosen, and are supplied with stainless steel mounting hardware to minimize corrosion. For additional mounting versatility, our quarter fenders are offered in standard mount, low mount and ultra-low mount options.
Use the selection tool to find the exact steel truck fender you need or contact us to discuss your unique requirements. All our stainless steel fenders are proudly made in the USA and come with complete mounting kits for easy installation.

Caring for Your Stainless Steel Trailer Fenders

Since the primary purpose of steel truck fenders is to control the spray of debris off tires, they can easily become caked with mud, grime and road salt. Over time, this can result in damage to your fenders. The easiest way to keep your stainless steel fenders in good condition is to regularly clean them by spraying the fenders with water or a mild soap from a car wash.

Once the fenders are cleaned of debris, thoroughly dry them with a soft, scratch-free towel.  Never use abrasive cleaners, brushes or tools on your fenders because they will scratch and damage the surface. If you would like to polish your fenders, use a non-abrasive buffing polish and a soft cloth. You can also use a non-abrasive buffing wheel to add shine to your freshly washed steel truck fenders.

Order Stainless Steel Fenders for Long-Lasting Durability on the Road

Our stainless steel fenders are made in the USA. Find a distributor for stainless steel truck fenders or contact us for more information about specialty fenders and other custom options.