BettsHD Releases Product Video Series

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Fresno, Calif.– (June 22, 2016) – BettsHD, an industry leader in spray suppression technology for heavy duty trucks and trailers, has released a new series of videos to help maintenance technicians and dealers understand the features and benefits of BettsHD’s quarter fender product line.

The videos show step-by-step instructions to guide the viewer through correct procedures for installing and modifying poly and stainless steel quarter fenders.

The first three videos in the series, released this week, are:

Poly Quarter Fender Features & Benefits Overview

Showcases unique design features of BettsHD’s poly quarter fenders, including an overview of mounting cradle and tube, anti-spray ribs, panel reinforcing bead, and AccuSeal clamp. 

Quarter Fender Left to Right-Hand Conversion

Provides concise step-by-step instructions for converting a BettsHD quarter fender from one hand to the other. The ability to convert quarter fenders reduces the number of SKU’s needed in stock by allowing for easy conversion.

Stainless Steel Quarter Fender Overview

Provides an overview of BettsHD’s stainless steel quarter fenders, including features such as all stainless steel hardware and symmetrical design to maximize product lifecycle. 

“Our customers and dealers have turned to video as a source for product training and information,” said Ed Powderly, Vice President Sales for BettsHD. “This video series presents clear instructions on how to get the most benefit out of the BettsHD product line by understanding product features.”

BettsHD plans to release additional videos in the series over the next three months. The videos can be accessed via the BettsHD YouTube channel and the BettsHD website.

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