Betts Spring Announces Agreement With Spraydown USA

Betts Spring Announces Agreement with Spraydown USA and Introduction of Integrated Spray Suppression Solution

Tampa, FL, CA (February 7, 2011)  At a press conference held today at ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council Annual Meeting being held in Tampa, FL. Betts Spring Company announced an agreement in principle for a strategic alliance with Spraydown USA to offer the commercial vehicle industry comprehensive access to Spraydown USA’s spray suppression solutions as well as for introduction of a newly developed integrated spray suppression solution that combines Spraydown USA’s patented, Spraydown® Aero Guard mud-flap system with Betts’ patented DirectFlex® mud guard hanging system.

With its uniquely engineered design, the Spraydown Aero Guard System manages airflow to generate significant fuel savings, while improving driver visibility. By directing up to 98% of spray back to the road and out of the drivers’ view, the Spraydown Aero Guard System delivers substantially improved safety during wet and inclement driving conditions. Spraydown USA’s aerodynamic design has also delivered fuel savings approaching four percent (4%) in certified track and field tests.  Investment in the Spraydown Aero Guard Systemis returned in a matter of a few weeks through fuel savings alone, generating significant and sustained positive cash flow.

After extensive market research, Spraydown USA has chosen Betts and their wholly owned subsidiary Life-Time Fenders as its exclusive distribution partner to serve the OEM tractor market and select aftermarket distribution channels.  Spraydown USA will manage distribution to the OEM trailer market and its related aftermarket distribution channels.  Popular aero guard and hanger solutions offered by Spraydown USA and Betts will be available in freight advantaged bundles for cost effective distribution.

Betts and Spraydown USA have also jointly innovated a superior spray suppression solution that combines the fuel saving and safety enhanced value of the Spraydown Aero Guard System with the abuse resistance guard retention properties of Betts’ DirectFlex® The integrated solution, DirectFlexFlexible Hanger System Featuring Spraydown Aero Guard System,replaces typical mud flap/bracket components with a combined system that substantially reduces the risk of guard loss due to curb pinch, landing gear entanglement or other such abuse.   DirectFlexassures that the strong value delivered by Spraydown Aero Guard System is both realized and enhanced from sustained fuel savings, reduced mud guard loss, increased up time, expanded maintenance resource capacity and desirable DOT compliance. 

Premier spray suppression solutions offered by Betts and Spraydown USA are on display at the Exponentially Smart Pavilion (booths 946 & 950) during TMC’s Transportation Technology Exhibition February 8-10, 2011. 

About Betts Spring

For over one hundred forty (140) years and during six generations of continuous family ownership, Betts Spring Company has practiced daily the mission of its founder and decorated spring maker William Michael Betts I – “Building Well, Serving Better”.  From its proud beginning as the first spring manufacturer in the Western United States, Betts has evolved into a diversified manufacturing and distribution company servicing the requirements of heavy duty trucking, automotive and industrial clients with innovative, patented solutions, products and services made in the USA.

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About Spraydown USA

Spraydown USA is a unit of Engineered Profiles, LLC, (doing business as Crane Plastics). Crane Plastics is a state-of-the-art, custom polymer profile extrusion and manufacturing services company with a sixty four-year (64) track record of superior design and manufacture of products that simply perform better, functionally and aesthetically.  The Spraydown Aero Guard System was first launched in Europe in 2007 and is proudly manufactured and distributed in the United States under an exclusive license agreement with Spraydown Ltd., of Stirling Scotland. An innovative replacement to traditional mud flaps used by commercial vehicles, the Spraydown Aero Guard System has made a significant impact towards reducing carbon footprint through lowered fuel consumption and improving road safety by controlling the spray produced by heavy duty trucks in wet and inclement driving conditions.

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