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Tubular Fender Brackets

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  • Applications: 2-Rib, 4-Rib, Smooth
  • Fender Type: Galvanized Steel
  • Front and Rear Bracket Type / Quantity and Part Number: Single-Bolt Frame Mount, Predrilled Galvanized Tube / Four (4) T372PG
  • Tube: Predrilled
  • Hardware / Material, Quantity and Part Number: Galvanized Carriage Bolts / Four (4) B4H-1 Each Contains Five (5) Carriage Bolts, Nuts, Flat and Lock Washers
  • Tube Mount / Length, Mounting Hole, Finish, Material: 30.000", .750" Through-Hole, Galvanized, 12 Gauge Carbon Steel
  • Tube Length: 30.000"