Aluminum Fenders

Aluminum steel fenders are a heavy-duty solution for protecting your truck and trailer from damage caused by road debris. They provide excellent corrosion resistance and their durability helps ensure long-lasting reliability. Aluminum trailer fenders are also lightweight, making them ideal for applications where you want to limit unnecessary vehicle weight.

Deciding Between Aluminum Truck Fenders and Stainless Steel Fenders

Aluminum and stainless steel are two of the more popular options for truck and trailer fenders. Both materials provide durability and have a nice, polished finish, but aluminum has a few characteristics are slightly superior to stainless steel. Aluminum truck fenders are more lightweight than steel and since they are naturally corrosion resistant, will never rust. Along with lighter weight accessories, aluminum truck fenders can also help improve your gas mileage It can be costlier to purchase aluminum steel fenders, but the price is worth it to have a long-lasting and reliable product..

Heavy Duty Aluminum Steel Fenders for Trucks and Trailers

Betts HD offers aluminum trailer fenders in milled finish and polished finish options and in full tandem, half tandem, single axle and tri-axle fender types. A range of lengths and sizes are available for dual wheel and single wheel applications and all mounting hardware is included.
Our aluminum truck fenders are made in the USA and provide long-lasting durability and reliability on the road. Contact us to learn more about custom options or find a distributor to order your aluminum trailer fenders today.

Cleaning and Polishing Your Aluminum Trailer Fenders

You can help preserve the quality of your aluminum steel fenders by washing them to remove road grime and polishing the aluminum to maintain a bright finish. To clean your fenders, is a spray hose designed for trucks and automotive to remove salt, dirt and other contaminants. Tar and grease may require the use of cleaner or a brush to scrub the grime away.
If you notice oxidation, which can naturally occur over time, use a small amount of aluminum cleaner or polish and a polishing wheel to bring back the luster. 

Aluminum Truck Fenders Designed for Durability

Our aluminum trailer fenders are designed for durability and offered individually or in pairs to meet your requirements. We provide a wide range of sizes and styles as well specialty fenders for those who prefer a more customized look.

Available aluminum truck fender styles:

  • 3-Rib with beaded edge
  • 4-Rib with beaded edge
  • Corrugated
  • Smooth
  • Smooth with radiused edge 

Sizing information for aluminum steel fenders:

  • Overall length: 50” to 132”
  • Fender opening: 38” to 105”
  • Front curve: 24”, 35”, 39”
  • Flat section: 25” to 56”
  • Wheel size: 16.5”, 19.5”, 22.5”, 24.5” 

Order Aluminum Truck Fenders for Long-Lasting Reliability

Betts HD provides a range of aluminum truck fender options to meet your application requirements. We are also the only manufacturer in the market that provides Total Installation Kits (TIK) providing all the parts and hardware you need to install your aluminum steel fenders. Contact us to learn more or find a distributor in your area.