Straight Bar Type Mud Flap Hangers

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The early 1980's witnessed a plethora of mud flap innovations integrating spray control technologies claiming safety improvements for American highways. With these products came weight and plenty of it. BettsHD responded to the industry's need for a heavy-duty product capable of supporting the increased weight and began manufacturing its ¾" square bar type hangers in 1982.

  • Durability: Extra Heavy Duty
  • Bar Type: .750 square bar
  • Nominal Length: 29.750"
  • Offset: -
  • Handedness: Unhanded
  • Packaging: Bulk - Individual
  • Contents: -
  • Direct Replacement for Fleet Engineers Part Number 034-00679
  • Use Part Number B516P Mud Flap Installation Kit
  • Use Part Number RT25RL Conspicuity Strip