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Mud Flap Hangers

Mud Flap Hangers

BettsHD began manufacturing the first-ever patented mud flap hanger (bracket) in 1954 and has remained committed to developing mud flap installation standards for the heavy-duty trucking industry for more than 50 years. Whether your application demands a bar type, spring loaded or DirectFlex solution, BettsHD is the only brand qualified to deliver.

  • Bar Type Mud Flap Brackets: We offer both straight and angled bar type brackets that are available in rigid or coiled configurations. This is the best option for cost-conscious drivers.
  • Spring Loaded Mud Flap Hangers:We offer a range of options, including Straight, Angled and Stylish Straight Tapered Designs. These mud flap hangers are designed to prevent corrosion and wear from debris. If you’re looking for a long-lasting mud flap hanger, consider the spring loaded option.
  • DirectFlex System Mud Flap Brackets:Looking for an option that’s maintenance free? The DirectFlex mud flap kits are as low maintenance as they come. Because they come with three mounting options, you can install them in whichever configuration you prefer.
  • Lighted/Spring Loaded:If what you want is a deluxe option, our patented TECH-TEN system offers you the very best. These blinged-out hangers are easy to install and maintain, and are available in straight, angled or straight tapered designs.

Building Well, Serving Better - Since 1868

BettsHD is a proud member of the Betts Company family. Our history stretches all the way back to the 1860's, when a young English steel craftsman set up shop in San Francisco. There, he made springs for the vehicles of the day: wagons, carriages and streetcars.

Over the years, Betts technologies have evolved along with the transportation industry. When big rig trucks came on the scene, we stepped up. We manufacture a range of parts for big rig trucks; mud flap hangers are just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to our decades of experience, we understand what our customers in the heavy-duty trucking industry need and want.

Made in America: Quality Mud Flap Hangers

We are proud to say our parts are made in the United States by American workers, and are committed to ensuring that all of our parts are 100 percent American-made.

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Bar Type Mud Flap Hangers
Spring loaded mud flap hangers for semi trucks.
DirectFlex mud flap kit
Lighted / Spring Loaded Mud Flap Hangers

BettsHD QUALITY is exemplified by its ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System certification. BettsHD PRIDE is evidenced through its ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System accreditation.